Quick, easy and cheap scrap noticeboard: it’s so tweet!

For the birds 💖

It's easier to buy

It’s a terrible habit; the mail, postcards, things that need, as we say at work “actioning”, receipts you think are worth keeping for a few days, shop coupons… all spread over the part of the dining table you never need, until the mad rush when mother in law comes to visit and expects another space at the table. I got fed up of this and decided the kitchen fridge was starting to also get full too. We needed a little notice board to help us clear up that mess!

I had made some curtains for the living room and had spare fabric. I love this designer: Voyage Maison (I sound so middle class when I say that!) and this design is called “Tweet”. It’s linen with hand painted birds on it, so it’s not cheap, but creates a beautiful aesthetic!

For this project, you will need:

– A canvas (or…

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