Pizza Lab #22: Grilled Pineapple Pizza

Oh my goodness !

The Poor Couple's Food Guide

Well, it’s officially Fall. We’ve been trying to wring out every ounce left of this Summer, for all it had left. The past few weeks have been busy, but Meg A. and I still managed to fit in one last summery Pizza Lab. Of course at this point it’s become a running joke since every time we try to grill a pizza, we tend to misjudge our time and end up grilling in the dark. This time we vowed to avoid that and finally do a barbecue grill pizza during daylight hours!

We were not successful.

However despite our scheduling ineptitude we managed to put together a really tasty, unique pie that certainly was a good way to see off the end of the summertime. Here’s Pizza Lab #22, Grilled Pineapple Pizza!


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