{TREND ALERT} Chinoiserie


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Wikipedia defines Chinoiserie this way; Chinoiserie ( French for “Chinese-esque”) is a recurring theme in European artistic styles since the seventeenth century, which reflect Chinese artistic influences.[1] It is characterized by the use of fanciful imagery of an imaginary China, by asymmetry in format and whimsical contrasts of scale, and by the attempts to imitate Chinese porcelain and the use of lacquer-like materials and decoration.Chinoiserie in a broader scope refers to a mixture of Eastern and Western stylistic elements for both the decoration and shape.[2] The style held particular favour during the Rococo period and the court of Louis XV,[3] with which its fanciful, ornate and idyllic imagery is commonly associated.

Chinoiserie as noted above is not new, the trend behaves like most styles in that it evolves over time to suit our way of living.  The Chinese and Japanese depicted their history much in the…

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The Boooox Barn | OOOOX

Small House Bliss

A small heritage barn was converted into a residence with a Scandinavian aesthetic. |

Czech studio OOOOX focuses on residential interior design. When it came time to create their own home, the two principals started with an old wooden barn. Working over a period of two years, they remade it into a one-of-a-kind dwelling incorporating their love of Scandinavian design, a mix of textures, and industrial elements. We don’t know the exact size of the barn, but we estimate it to be about 25′ (7.6m) long by 21′ (6.4m) wide.

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Pizza Lab #22: Grilled Pineapple Pizza

Oh my goodness !

The Poor Couple's Food Guide

Well, it’s officially Fall. We’ve been trying to wring out every ounce left of this Summer, for all it had left. The past few weeks have been busy, but Meg A. and I still managed to fit in one last summery Pizza Lab. Of course at this point it’s become a running joke since every time we try to grill a pizza, we tend to misjudge our time and end up grilling in the dark. This time we vowed to avoid that and finally do a barbecue grill pizza during daylight hours!

We were not successful.

However despite our scheduling ineptitude we managed to put together a really tasty, unique pie that certainly was a good way to see off the end of the summertime. Here’s Pizza Lab #22, Grilled Pineapple Pizza!


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Silk Tunic #2

Stunning tunic top !

Goodbye Valentino

Hubs and I were among the passengers of some 2,000 cancelled flights to Chicago this past weekend………. The only upside of missing our friends’ wedding was the unexpected weekend of sewing time, and I resumed my tunic mission.



Many thanks for providing such great suggestions for raising the bar on tunic sewing. I especially enjoyed receiving this Pinterest link loaded with tunic inspiration! Like many of you said it’s in the details and I got busy modifying the Simplicity 4149 tunic pattern I made last year.

4149Relaxing the fit of my existing muslin allowed for a better drape which is easy to see when compared to my first top from this pattern.


My fabric, a lightweight silk twill from Mood Fabrics is one I selected last November at the store from hundreds of silk prints. The contrast is a deep gold silk shantung given to me by a friend.


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