6PAC Variation: the four-pack

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In this post I introduce a 6PAC variation with accessories, probably most useful for those who already have some basics in their wardrobe and who want to stretch their sewing muscles a bit.

First off – I am stealing the term “four-pack” from the Vivienne Files.  The four-pack is a travel wardrobe in which you only pack four pieces of clothing.  It was brought to my attention in this post at Sewing Plums.

The four-pack is definitely close to our traditional six-piece seasonal collection — in fact there are only seven pieces of clothing.  But, after some discussion and thinking I realise that the four-pack depends on something I have mentioned but not really engaged with: accessories, and the possibilities for making your own.   The Vivienne files four-pack wardrobes have two scarves, a bag, and several necklaces, as well as two pair of shoes.

So here is…

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