Snippet on Apples

I’m an English apple .


Beware fanciful body shape descriptors.

‘Pear’ is not so misleading – it describes the bottom heavy. Advice for flattering styles depends on whether you’re long or short-waisted, have an indented waist or prominent high hips. But in general the shape is lower body dominant.


But apples – this is used as a shape description in two different ways.

An American apple :


Apple is used as a label for people who are upper body dominant.

An English apple :


Apple is used as a label for people who are midriff dominant.

So beware, if you are looking at advice for an ‘apple’ body shape, that it’s the right apple !

June 2012

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Polka hot overload

Seeing spots !

Made in my living room

This morning, as I was carrying my son to the tube station, I was thinking of what this post will be about. It was going to be about hotties and cuties, but then I did some research and apparently the two words are very similar in meaning, more similar than I thought they were. So I’m not going to tell you how I was never a hot girl, or how I remember trying to be one for a while in high school and never succeeded, or how I don’t even feel comfortable being hot. Or being too hot. Because let me tell you, even if what you’ll see next is full of cutesy polka dots in different sizes and paintings of tea parties, wearing a tight bodysuit with scoop back and front neckline is going to make you hot. I initially planned on wearing the Nettie with black skinny jeans, but I was hotter…

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